Non-GMO Sourcing Commitment

Our pledge to source only high quality, tested, researched, or verified non-GMO ingredients for all our products.

What does it mean?

Throughout all our product lines, Urbani Brands has always prioritized sourcing the highest quality ingredients. This means sourcing ethical, fairly traded, and non-GMO for all our products.

What does it mean when you see a non-GMO claim on one of our products? It means that the ingredients we carefully select for our naturally plant based products are free from modern biotechnology modification.  

All our non-GMO products, ingredients, and supplies are made without genetic bioengineering. Suppliers are audited regularly, and 3rd party verification or laboratory testing is performed.  On products that contain high risk ingredients for bioengineering, like soy protein and gluten, we require independent non-GMO product certification.

Thank you for choosing Urbani Brands. We are honored to be part of your journey toward wholesome, non-GMO goodness.